The Complete Wine Tour – Bodegas Langa

This private tour, offering an exclusive service, will unravel the story of this historic winery step be step, becoming a memory that you will cherish in the future to come as one of your favourite destinations.

At Bodegas Langa we feel a profound respect for the nature and the biodiversity that surrounds us, as we do for the earth, the seasons, the times and traditions, for history and our heritage. This deep respect has led us to care for, to enjoy and to obtain, in a sustainable way, a greater benefit from the natural and local resources in our environment, which is why you will be able to enjoy a visit to our organic vineyards, and witness the distinct varieties of grape, trellis systems, etcetera.

You will enjoy a stroll through the most emblematic wine and cava producer in Calatayud, our family having been making wines since 1867, and you will finish by enjoying a tasting of 3 emblematic wines.

Included in the tour:

  • Visit to the vineyards (Transport included)
  • Guided tour of the winery (Wine making area, aging cellar, wine rack…)
  • Tasting as above of 3 special wines.
2 hours
Group minimun:
15 persons
Group maximum:
30 persons
Guided tour conducted by:
Technical Director

Not included:

  • Transport to the Winery.
  • Any product or service not included in the section “Included in the Tour”.

All reservations must be prepaid by bank transfer. In the case of any cancellation made during the 24 hours directly before the visit is due to take place, a cancellation charge of 100% of the total price will be made.
Those visits that begin with a delay of up to 30 minutes will be shortened by the time of that delay. Any delays of over 30 minutes will mean that the complete tour cannot be made, and that the visit will be adjusted accordingly.
Remember that the temperature in the winery is low and that you should bring a jacket and suitable footwear.

Information and reservations

+34 976 88 18 18