The Winery Today – Bodegas Langa

The Winery Today


Bodegas Langa today is the principle winery in Calatayud and the only one to treasure a long and interrupted family tradition. The winery is found in an emblematic spot, considered as magical by the number of human settlements that have resided in the area. The Sierra Vicor mountain range, on whose slopes we are found, was a sacred place for the Celtiberians and had a prominent place in the work of the classical poet Marcus Valerius Martialis.


A space where technology and the most modern materials live alongside the traditional methods of understanding wine making. A firmly established philosophy that wine isn’t just a consumer product, but more, something which unites the essence of the natural environment where we nurture our vines, the culture accumulated over thousands of years of shared history and the passion given by five generations.


Moreover the winery is a place of retreat, tranquillity, the perfect place for the maturing and aging of the wines until they reach the ideal moment from when they can be enjoyed. A place in which you can feel the implication of a family devoted to maintaining this way of wine making, who look after and monitor the vats, the barrels and the bottles that accompany the wine along its journey through the making and aging process.


Our way of understanding wine and its culture has meant us keeping faith with the cultivation of the area’s most traditional varieties of grape like the garnacha. However, we have also opted for other varieties that have been integrated into the DO Calatayud. Grapes that lend quality and distinction to some rounded and well structured wines. A path we began many decades ago, which we have taken with success and which has since been taken by other wineries.


This way, far from the rush, but without ever letting up on our work around-the-clock, Bodegas Langa has managed to become leader and bulwark of Aragonese Cava and the principle benchmark in the Domination of Origin of Calatayud. A fact which is easily understood when you realise the secret, which is non other than being a family steeped in experience, and which for five generations has woken up everyday, to make what they want to make, and what they know how to make: fine wine.