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Our Vineyards


The Los Yermos vineyard can be found between the mountain range la Sierra de Armantes and the River Ribota, near the town of Torralba de Ribota . This farming land is located at an average altitude of 600 metres, the vineyard´s particular climate, or mesoclimate, is characterised by a low yearly rainfall of around 250 litres per square metre. The stony material and clay originating from la Sierra de Armantes, means that the soil on which these vines are grown is ideal and has been used for vine growing for many centuries.


The second principle area where we cultivate our grapes is El Coll, which is found right on the Frasno mountain pass, close to the town which bears the same name. These vineyards are situated at an average altitude of 800 metres and have a slightly more generous annual rainfall of 300 litres per square metre. The climate is airier and cooler thanks to the Moncayo Mountain. The growing conditions are different, with the maturing period of the grape being longer which translates into a greater aromatic richness. The earth presents us with limestone and slate, perfect for the cultivation of the vine however, at the same time provide distinct nuances.


The hundred-year-old vineyards have a reserved and very distinguished place, vineyards that give rise to the most distinctive wines in our cellar and in the DO Calatayud. Wines produced thanks to the selection the Langa family make every year of the best and oldest autochthonous grapes from the area, whose crops give a low yield but are of an unbeatable quality. These hundred-year-old vineyards have lasted throughout the years so that their delicate aromas and sweet flavours can be enjoyed today.